You have probably read the startling statistics of teens and young adults lost from the church. The church must take seriously the search for young adults. God hasn’t given up on bringing them back, and neither should we.

Helping the Right Way

The most well-intentioned gifts, given in the wrong way, often end up hurting the recipient, the community, and the local church.

Journal of Lutheran Mission – April 2016

Featuring papers from the recent LCMS Mission Summit, the April issue of the Journal of Lutheran Mission discusses and critiques seminary education and the importance of teaching the faith both at home and around the world.

When Trolls Attack

By Peter Slayton One of the most discouraging things about social media is the existence of trolls. I’m not talking about your high school friend that disagrees with every single…

Tips for Starting a Campus Ministry

Do you have a college near you? Would you like to learn how to begin a campus ministry there? There are a lot of things to consider when starting a campus ministry…

What Jesus Has Longed to Give You

In his Maundy Thursday sermon given at the Synod’s International Center Chapel Service March 24, LCMS Chaplain William Weedon helps us appreciate Christ’s sacrifice, His body and blood, and the forgiveness that Jesus aches to give us.

LCMS Disaster Response in Hispanic Communities

Over the last couple of years we have discovered two needs. The first need is for our materials to be translated into Spanish. Secondly, we have found a need to train our Spanish speaking churches in the United States and throughout Latin America so that they will have Lutheran Early Response Teams (LERT). We also want to do a better job of responding to disasters that strike Spanish speaking communities across the United States.

A Modern Day Lamentation – Is the USA a Lost Cause?

A modern day lamentation based on Lamentations 2:13-22. "What can I say for you, to what should I compare you… Christianity’s ruin is vast as the sea; and the United States, who can heal you?! What a mess… almost seems a lost cause."

LERT Trained and Thrown Into the Fire

This tornado struck just 3 days after the local LERT training on March 12th. The congregation saw a need, hosted the training and became certified for disaster preparedness. No one knew at the time that they themselves would hear the tornado sirens just a few days later. Because the team was trained beforehand, they knew what to do and responded to their community.

The State and the Current State of Lutheranism: Serving the Poor Part 2

However, for almost two decades there has been an increased reliance on government funding NGOs. Many large faith-based organizations now get well over 50 percent of their annual income from the government funding sources and depend substantially on government budgets, election results, and political parties for funding their social work projects.