Juan de Frías, Lutheran martyr of Venezuela

In 1672, the Inquisition imprisoned four priests on the charge of being unrepentant Lutheran heretics. Three of the priests were Canary Islanders serving in Venezuela; the fourth was a native Venezuelan from Caracas named Juan de Frías.

125th anniversary of LCMS mission work around the world

For 125 years, The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod has been sending missionaries to proclaim the Gospel, plant churches and show Christ’s mercy across the globe! Hear former missionaries share their experiences, listen as church leaders talk about mission history, and view a timeline that spans from the first mission plant to the present day.

Faces of the Reformation Series

Explore the past through the people who lived it! Meet 25 men and women passionate about the Reformation re-discovery of the Gospel—either for or against it. Download reproducible bulletin inserts, biographical handouts, and Bible studies for each unforgettable face of the Reformation era.

The Holy Innocents

Holy Innocents is the often-overlooked feast day of the church calendar on December 28th that commemorates the slaughter of the infants in Bethlehem following the birth of Jesus.

Albrecht Dürer’s “Virgin and Child with Half a Pear”
An image of Albrecht Dürer's Virgin and Child with Half a Pear

Albrecht Dürer’s “Virgin and Child with Half a Pear”

At first glance, Dürer's Virgin and Child With Half a Pear may simply look like a lovely Renaissance mother holding her baby, but Dürer confesses much more as he paints the flesh, blood, and bone of the Son of God.

Luther’s Hauspostille

Picture yourself sitting in Luther’s house. It’s Sunday, late in the day and many others are gathered with you in the old Augustinian monastery-turned-parsonage in Wittenberg. Around you sits...

Where Does God Reveal Himself?

It’s good for us to meditate on what the church believes, teaches, and confesses about how God reveals himself to his creatures.

Luther on the Incarnation

Our Lord Jesus has two natures, divine and human, in one undivided person. He is fully divine, the eternally begotten Son of God, and fully man, born of the Virgin Mary. And for our justification to be accomplished, He must be both.

Luther’s Time at the Wartburg

Wartburg Castle was a hunting castle that belonged to the ducal family of Saxony. To the present day, it lies in the Thuringian forest in north-central Germany.

Reformation Theology of Missions

From its beginning, the Reformation was missional; it called forth evangelists to carry the message of the Gospel throughout the world.