Set Apart to Serve

For Congregations — PowerPoint presentation for pastors to use to teach their congregations about the importance of church work vocations.

For Teachers — PowerPoint presentation for pastors or administrators to use to teach teachers about the importance of church work vocations.

Understanding “Set Apart to Serve”

The LCMS has embarked on an aggressive, comprehensive Church Worker Recruitment Initiative. The initiative seeks to form pastors and church workers to hand over the saving faith to God’s people, passing on the Christian faith from one generation to the next until our Savior’s return.

Articles & White Papers

Celebrate Church Worker Appreciation Month

Congregations and school communities are encouraged to use the month of October to demonstrate appreciation not only for their pastors, but for all workers in the parish and schools.

Answering God’s call

Watch video testimonials from LCMS church workers and students.

KFUO Radio Interviews

Listen to this series of interviews on church work vocations and recruitment on KFUO’s The Coffee Hour.

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