Set Apart to Serve

Christ provides workers for His church and He calls them into church work vocations through His people. These resources are intended for you, the influential adult, to use as you encourage our youth — and adults — to consider becoming a pastor, deaconess, Lutheran school teacher, director of Christian education, director of parish music, director of family life ministries, director of church ministries or director of outreach.

These resources, which include conversation guides, Bible studies, and journey maps, will help you talk about church work and guide young people on their journey to a church work vocation. God works through influential adults like pastors, parents, church workers and other laity (people like you!) to call people to church work vocations — all it takes is a few moments to begin the conversation. 

View Town Hall Event

On Sept. 27, Set Apart to Serve launched its newly developed resources for church work recruitment at a virtual town hall event. If you weren’t able to join, you are invited to watch this recording.

Additional Resources


For Pastors


For Parents


For Church Workers


For Laity


For Districts

Use when talking about Set Apart to Serve (SAS) with all audiences of people in the Synod, to tell about the initiative and its available resources, and to explain how to encourage the next generation of church workers.

Additional Resources

Free Curriculum for Schools

The Set Apart to Serve (SAS) church work recruitment curriculum is available at no cost to LCMS schools.

Set Apart to Serve Promotional Resources

These resources are available to encourage a culture of church worker formation within congregations and schools.

Concordia University System church work programs

Learn about the LCMS church work vocations and access information directly from the Concordia University System programs that prepare these workers.

Celebrate Church Worker Appreciation Month

A sermon, a Bible study and other resources for celebrating Church Worker Appreciation Month in October.

Answering God’s call

Watch video testimonials from LCMS church workers and students.

KFUO Radio Interviews

Listen to this series of interviews on church work vocations and recruitment on KFUO’s The Coffee Hour.

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