LCMS Worship – A Lenten Prayer – 2019

LCMS Worship provides “A Lenten Prayer” for congregations to use in worship services or for families to use during devotions. It is one of the older prayers of the Church from the Lutheran Reformation.

Lutheran Liturgical Practices During Lent

Each year, the Christian church embarks on a forty-day journey leading up to Easter, known as the season of Lent. When discussing Lenten liturgical practices of Lutherans, one can distinguish three categories into which each practice can be placed: Visual, Historical/Traditional, and Emotional/Spiritual.

Lent: A Time for Giving Up or Taking Up?

Are we ready for a serious go at journeying through Lent? If so, perhaps we should stop giving up things for Lent and use this sacred time to take up things instead.

LCMS Worship – Suggestions for midweek Lenten services – 2016

It is a worthy practice to devote time during the season of Lent to meditate extensively upon the Passion of our Lord. The following suggestions are framed around the reading of the Passion according to St. Luke, combined with an Old Testament reading emphasis upon God’s vindication of “the innocent sufferer.”