Lutheran Television: Glory Years

The Rev. Dr. Ardon Albrecht, who held various roles at Lutheran Television for over 17 years, has written an informative account of that history in Lutheran Television: Glory Years, published by The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod.

Albrecht provides a first-hand account of the history of Lutheran Television, including the Emmy-winning “This is the Life,” animated specials, documentaries, and other productions.

Albrecht guides the reader through the ups and downs of embracing new technology and dealing with budget restrictions. He chronicles the difficult but rewarding work of proclaiming the truth of God’s love in the arena of popular entertainment.

But, most of all, Albrecht continually bears witness to the Gospel message at the core of Lutheran Television. The love of God in Christ was evident in the scripts and projects of Lutheran Television and often bore fruit in the lives of those involved.

The paperback book is available to purchase for $24.95.