Insight and perspective from LCMS leaders

Come to the table

God is right in the middle of the darkness with us, working through His people in Latin America to provide them with spiritual and physical care.

Where do missionaries come from?

As a seminarian, I joined a student trip and met the seminarians studying in the Dominican Republic. I realized how similar we were and was encouraged to continue my studies.

God is at work in Belize

What God has in store for you as a short-term volunteer allows you to play a small part in changing lives, but you’ll be surprised how much impact it has on you.

One day, four languages

Lydia Steinhaus describes mission work in the Czech Republic and reflects on our God who calls people from all nations to follow Him.

God turns obstacles into opportunities

Denise Lewis served in Słupsk, Poland, with a team from her congregation, Resurrection Lutheran Church and School, in Newport News, Va., in July 2022. She shared a reflection on her volunteer service.

English Conversation Partners: Join the mission team from home

The LCMS International Mission's pilot program for English Conversation Partners launched in May 2020. Eighty-two volunteers responded to the first request for help with this innovative program that matches stateside volunteers with English language learners in different parts of the globe.