The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synods Commission on Theology and Church Relations has archived three historic yet timeless doctrinal statements from the Synod.

The oldest statement in the collection is Rev. Dr. C.F.W. Walthers Theses on the Ministry. The 10 theses were prepared by Walther, a founding father and the first president of what is now known as The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod, and approved by the Synod in 1851. In addition to its historic interest, the document is a testimony to the theological and practical consistency of the LCMS and its view of the ministry.

Also included is a Brief Statement of the Doctrinal Position of the Missouri Synod, which was adopted by the LCMS in 1932. The document features short explanations of the Synods teachings on 19 topics, including Holy Scriptures, God, creation, good works, means of grace, church and state, and symbols of the Lutheran church.

In the Synods 1973 convention, the LCMS resolved A Statement of Scriptural and Confessional Principles “to be Scriptural and in accord with the Lutheran Confessions, and therefore a formulation which derives its authority from the Word of God and which expresses the Synod’s position on current doctrinal issues.”

LCMS Doctrinal Statements

LCMS Commission on Theology and Church Relations