Reaching the city with Christ

A Christmas Day Devotion for the Poor Among Us

Apart from God - we are all in the dark, we are all hungry, we are all homeless and alone. And when it comes to being saved by God, we are all beggars with nothing to offer. But God sent His Son to lavish us in the richness of His love and mercy. So my dear friends if you feel unwanted, unloved, unforgiven, lonely and written off by the world as unimportant, then let me just say this – Merry Christmas! God has sent His Son because you are wanted, you are loved, and you are forgiven. You are so precious that God would send His one and only Son to be born, to live, and to die in poverty so that you can have eternal life in glory with Him.

Church Planting Training Guide

Produced by The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, A Resource for Church Planting offers a step-by-step approach for planting churches and provides a foundation for what it means to be a Lutheran congregation.

A Primer for Church Planting

A Primer for Church Planting - based on Luther’s Marks of the Church with a mission framework of Witness, Mercy, and Life Together Introduction Why should the LCMS consider “Witness,…

Summer in the City

LCMS Urban & Inner City Mission had the privilege to help support four summer urban vicarages in an effort to train up future urban missionaries. This included Martini Lutheran, Baltimore, MD; Bethlehem, Fort Wayne, IN; First Trinity, Pittsburgh, PA; and Philadelphia Lutheran Ministries, Springfield, PA.