‘God’s Mission Here’ Newsletter — May 2024

This edition shares information about new episodes of the "God's Mission Here" podcast, upcoming conferences from LCMS Specialized Spiritual Care Ministry and LCMS Youth Ministry, and free resources now available through the Every One His Witness evangelism program.

Where do missionaries come from?

As a seminarian, I joined a student trip and met the seminarians studying in the Dominican Republic. I realized how similar we were and was encouraged to continue my studies.

‘Free to be Faithful’ – Spring 2024 newsletter

This issue highlights how private schools are being forced to comply with Title IX anti-discrimination regulations, a book on becoming "a street-level pro-life-apologist" and the increase in hostility against churches.

CTCR Library — Lutherans & Other Christians

The LCMS Commission on Theology and Church Relations has compiled reports, opinions, and study materials regarding the Lutheran understanding of church fellowship, ecumenism, and principles for cooperation in externals.