The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod compiled a Congregational Treasurer’s Manual to provide information on the various duties of a congregational treasurer.

The congregational manual is written for every treasurer — no matter what the level of expertise — and is organized into two volumes, containing six major sections:

  1. Employment Issues
  2. Federal and State Tax Matters
  3. Establishing and Administering the Organization
  4. Supporting Organizations
  5. Accounting and Finance
  6. Insurance

Highlights of the manual include:

  • Payroll and bookkeeping chapters that address tax, accounting, and finance issues for the organization and its employees.
  • Examples and filled-in forms of a sample congregation’s bookkeeping system, including payroll form and related federal tax reports.
  • Recommended practices by the tax and legal counsel of the Synod for all LCMS congregations and schools. (Please note: These may not be the only methods of reporting taxes and payroll.)