Mary Thoe, Primary Adult Leader from St. Paul Lutheran Church in The Grove, TX shares about her youth group’s experience participating in the food packing servant event during the 2013 LCMS Youth Gathering in San Antonio, TX:

We enjoyed doing the food packing as our servant event at the 2013 LCMS Youth Gathering. Both our youth and adults loved it. It was a blessing to be able to help on a larger scale like this and fun to see how many meals we could make in an hour. Our group filled over 15 boxes of food! The kids talked about how that was x number of meals per bag and x number of bags per box and that is x many kids getting food.  They liked knowing they were part of something bigger than themselves and that together we could help feed so many others.


While helping overseas is good, I think it is also important to help out locally in our communities. Being from a small town in central Texas, our youth were excited to know their food packing efforts were helping communities near us and even more, helping kids their own age.  I, personally, am greatly filled by seeing the results and how it has worked in the community.

Participants from St. Paul Lutheran in The Grove, TX help pack meals during the 2013 LCMS Youth Gathering.

You can help!

The church at-large can encourage youth like those from St. Paul Lutheran in The Grove, TX grow in acts of mercy and service by helping fund the food packing supplies for the 2016 LCMS Youth Gathering. Our goal is to pack half a million meals for people in need at the 2016 LCMS Youth Gathering. Your $1 provides the supplies for 4 meals. Please consider making a contribution today at