The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod offers audio files from Lutheran Service Book so you may familiarize yourself with the liturgy. These recordings are ideal for pastors and church musicians learning to sing the parts of the service.

Divine Service — Setting Two

Kyrie (LSB 168-169)
Gloria In Excelsis (LSB 170)
This Is The Feast and Salutation (LSB 171-172)
Alleluia and Verse – Common (LSB 173)
Alleluia and Verse – Lent (LSB 173)
Holy Gospel- Responses (LSB 173)
Offertory (LSB 176)
Preface (LSB 177)
Proper Preface (LSB Altar Book, p. 200)
Sanctus (LSB 178)
Pax Domini and Agnus Dei (LSB 180)
Thank The Lord (LSB 181)
Nunc Dimittis (LSB 182)
Benediction (LSB 183)

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