LCMS Stewardship Ministry – April 2018 newsletter

LCMS Stewardship discusses stewardship based on Exodus 35. The idea that God has blessed every congregation with more than enough resources to carry out the ministry of Word and Sacrament is viewed through the story of the Israelites being instructed by Yahweh to build a tabernacle (a place to worship him)

LCMS Stewardship – December 2017 newsletter

In the December 2017 issue of StewardCAST, LCMS Stewardship Ministry talks about how pastors and the church are called to deal with the scars of the failed stewardship of Christian stewards. Both Law and Gospel should be applied in these situations.

LCMS Stewardship Ministry – July 2017 newsletter

LCMS Stewardship Ministry discusses the connection between freedom and stewardship. God has in Christ set His children free from the burden of sin so they can be the faithful stewards of the freedom that is given in the Gospel.