As people, we need one another. It’s part of being the Body of Christ and God’s Church, and it’s also part of being human, created by a relationship-oriented God.

For this reason, The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod Office of National Mission has created Building Up the Body: Worker-to-Worker devotions.

Each short devotion offers words of Law and Gospel encouragement from one LCMS church worker to another.

These devotions were written by pastors, teachers, musicians, chaplains, spouses of those in ministry, ministry students, youth workers, and counselors in various settings and contexts with different insights to share from God’s Word.

At the center of each devotion is the life given to us in the death and resurrection of Christ Jesus. Each devotion will also reflect on one of the seven areas of well-being we know contribute to holistic health.

These devotions are for your personal growth. They are useful for devotions with a spouse, with another friend in ministry, or in your church, school, or institutional setting.

There are 52 devotions, one for every week of the year. They will come out every Monday beginning April 1, 2019. You can read the devotions online, including the LCMS pages on Facebook and Twitter.

You are not alone in ministry. There are many alongside you.

May we build one another up, encourage one another, and help each other to grow and learn. May we share our burdens and joys together in many, many ways.

These devotions are simply one very small way to tangibly see the connections of our Savior in this Body of Christ.

May you be encouraged today, knowing you are seen, you are thought of, you are prayed for, and that we are in this life together.

In ministry, we need one another.

Church workers connect in unique ways

There is something connecting about sitting across from someone and being able to say, “You too!” with a hearty laugh.

One of Dr. Brene Brown’s research-driven books on shame and vulnerability is even named, I Thought It Was Just Me (But It Isn’t).

While having diverse vocations is a gift from the Lord, it is also a gift when He gives us people who understand the intricacies and nuances of our professions and home vocations — one mom to another, one sibling to another, one human resource manager to another, one CEO to another, or one health care worker to another.

I still like to compare burrito wrapping styles with the people helping me at my favorite fast food taco chain. I’ve been there — I was a burrito wrapper, and not everyone appreciates the work of wrapping a good burrito.

Ministry and the tender care that church workers put into their work, including the great affection for the Lord and His people, is no different, but perhaps those connections are even more vital.

It is meaningful and encouraging to sit across from another ministry professional and say, “A funny thing happened …” or “This was really hard …”

It’s also heartening to say things like, “I love this aspect of ministry, but this part is not my favorite,” or “It hurt when someone said this to me” while holding confidences and respecting those we serve.

This strengthens the spirit, connects one member of the Body to another in a unique way, rejuvenates empathy, and staves off burnout.

Ministry professionals need to hear from someone who understands and has been there.

Week 1 Devotion — Spiritual Wellness

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