In a few days new, novice and veteran leaders of LCMS Servant Events will be gathering together for our annual training. These leaders, who will host future events, come from LCMS congregations, schools, camps, social service agencies and recognized service organizations.


We will enjoy the opportunity to gather together for Bible study and experience breakouts dealing with specific topics related to hosting servant events. There will also be idea exchanges, worship and fellowship around shared meals. All this is designed to assist the leaders as they prepare for youth and adults to serve and make an impact on their community next summer.


Since 1981, LCMS Servant Events has provided service opportunities for youth.  Through the years, thousands of young people and adults have participated in these events leaving their own “fingerprints of faith” in the settings where they have served. Through our service we practice Christ’s unconditional love, serve people in ways that enrich their lives, and share our faith in practical ways.


Please don’t just take my word for the impact “serving in the name of Christ” can have. Listen to these leaders of LCMS Servant Events who share their story:




Are you ready to make your own impact through serving?

Here are some ideas to help you get started:


Getting Started:


  • Study and pray about servanting. John 13:1-17, Matthew 25:31-46 and Philippians 2:1-18 are some places you can begin.
  • Consider being a part of an LCMS Servant Event. Here is the place to find the listing of over 75 opportunities available now through next summer. A postcard mailing with this information was also recently sent to all LCMS Congregations.
  • Discover what needs could be met in your congregation or community and host your own Servant Event.  Include your youth and/or others from your congregation in the event.
  • Establish the design for your Servant Event including type of work to be completed, dates, length of time project will require and number of participants needed.
  • Determine and recruit the persons who will best work as the leadership team for your Servant Event.
  • Determine arrangements have been made for all supplies, tools and materials needed for your Servant Event including first aid supplies and an emergency medical plan.
  • Provide support and encouragement for all participants during the event.
  • Expect the unexpected; be flexible. You and your youth have wonderful gifts that can be used to serve others. This experience can change lives. Go for it!


I pray your service, whether it be serving in your own setting or elsewhere, will be a blessed experience as you impact your community and provide for the needs of God’s people.