“I have seen things and met people that I will never forget.  My fellow team members were among the best people I have ever met and their seemingly endless love and compassion for those around them has inspired me more than they could ever know.  I’ve found that not a day goes by that I don’t think of them or all the wonderful people we met and all the people we were able to help.  I truly lack the power of words to fully describe all that the trip and those people have meant to me.  To see the faith and love in the Ugandans we helped, despite all that they face on a day-to-day basis, was by far the most humbling experience of my life and I believe I am a far better person for it.  I can also confidently say that my own faith has been strengthened in ways that I never believed possible.”—Kasi, MMT scholarship recipient

LCMS Mercy Medical Teams provide desperately needed healthcare to our brothers and sisters all around the globe. In many cases, our doctor might be the only health care provider that our clients see in their entire life. Often, we change the lives of those we serve—a child with a malformed leg has surgery and can now run and play; a woman who could not see to read her Bible now has a pair of glasses, and can joyfully read the Word of God. These things are humbling and wonderful and awesome, but don’t give the full story. Many times our volunteers’ lives are changed in ways that we could never foresee.

“You begin to realize that God knows each and every one of these people and everything about them; and suddenly you no longer consider the people you are helping patients, but children of God, just like yourself…What this means though, is that just because we have left Uganda and headed home, that we don’t stop serving. That’s what I have really taken away from this trip, the idea of “serving wherever you are.” While I was in Lira, Uganda I had the duty to serve the people of Lira. Now that I am back in Detroit, Michigan, I have the duty of serving the people of Detroit. No matter where we are, we should be constantly serving God’s people. We all have the vocation of “serving” regardless of who or where we are.”—Josh, MMT scholarship recipient

Last year, Mercy Medical Teams received a grant to provide scholarships for our LCMS college students who are studying health-related professions. To date, seven students have participated in the program. All LCMS students at any university, private or public, who are studying a health-related field, are eligible to apply.

“When you came to share with us the information about Mercy Medical Teams I knew it was Christ speaking to me through you. Without the scholarship I would not have been able to experience this. It has strengthened my passion to provide care to those who need it most.”—Laura, MMT scholarship recipient

In the past two years, three participants in the Mercy Medical Team program have chosen to pursue full-time missionary work. Perhaps some of the students who receive one of these scholarships will become future missionaries as well.

“If I do not get called to the missionary field then I will stay in the states.  However, the experiences can help shape how I teach the youth about kids their own age in other countries. I was able to watch [the LCMS missionaries] which is something I want to pursue.”—Kristen, MMT scholarship recipient

If you are interested in serving on an LCMS Mercy Medical Team, or need more information about available scholarships, contact