lcms september 2016 stewardcast newsletter

In the September 2016 issue of StewardCAST, LCMS Stewardship Ministry focuses on how the Body of Christ needs to learn to be true stewards of time. The fleeting nature of time makes it a strong candidate for stewardship formation.

The fact that the Lord has given us time as part of life and life’s resources to be managed for His purposes is certain, and how we use our time is most definitely a matter of our faith life.

A congregational stewardship ministry, then, should consider the stewardship of time something to be taught, and this stewardship needs to be taught and formed in settings that are appreciative of the value of time.

Pastors and stewardship leaders need to become better stewards of the teaching and leading time they already have. It is helpful to remember that the Lord we serve is the master of time, so He will use it in His way and for His purposes.

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