armed-forces-newsletter-october-2016-promo-233x300This issue of So Help Me God from the LCMS Ministry to the Armed Forces highlights how God is present in our suffering. The quarterly newsletter shares reminders of this promise and the fact that we can find comfort in the Bible — God’s Holy Word.

Chaplain (LCDR) Eric Malmstrom, CHC, USN, focuses on the issue of theodicy, which is the defense of God’s goodness and power in view of the existence of evil, and how to wrestle with it in our world. Chaplain Malmstrom reminds us that when bad things do happen to good people (and they do), God never leaves us nor forsakes us and Christ weeps with us as we suffer.

This issue also provides online resources that can help someone grow in Christ, information on Operation Barnabas, and advice on how to promote peace on Facebook.

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