Although LCMS Life Ministry’s director position is currently vacant, the work of advocating for the most defenseless and vulnerable among us hasn’t let up a bit!

In this issue of Notes for Life, learn how LCMS Life Ministry is:

  • Continuing its important task of speaking up for and defending life;
  • Offering life-related resources and tools through special campaigns and studies;
  • Forging an even stronger partnership with Lutherans For Life;
  • Affirming life through the “Lutheran Family Initiative”; and
  • Defending life through the newly established Lutheran Center for Religious Liberty and its executive director, the Rev. Dr. Gregory P. Seltz.

As the Rev. Kevin D. Robson, LCMS chief mission officer, notes in this issue, “In all these efforts, our blessed life together is rooted in a Life that teems with life.” And so we carry on … for life!

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