News and Notes: Life, Health & Family

LCMS Life Ministry — Fall 2022 newsletter

LCMS Life Ministry reflects on June’s 'Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization' decision and discusses the work ahead of the pro-life movement in the wake of 'Roe v. Wade.'

LCMS Life Ministry — Fall 2021 newsletter

The Fall 2021 News and Notes newsletter offers hopeful updates for defenders of life, including information about a hormone that allows a woman to reverse the effects of abortion-inducing drugs.

LCMS Life Ministry — Fall 2020 newsletter

The LCMS Life Ministry newsletter shares how we as Lutherans can care for and show Christ’s love to others in all stages of life, even in the midst of a challenging and overwhelming year.

LCMS Life Ministry — Spring 2018 newsletter

The spring 2018 LCMS Life Ministry newsletter — now named News and Notes — reviews convention Resolution 3-04 “To Create Task Force for Study of Issues Relating to Procreation, Fertility, and Care for Unborn.”

LCMS Life Ministry — Summer 2016 newsletter

In the summer 2016 issue Notes for Life, LCMS Life Ministry encourages Christians to embrace our pro-life identity. In His every action, God has shown us that He is for life, even in its most broken state. Because God has created us in His image and sent His Son to redeem us, we are pro-life.