LCMS-StewardCAST-March-2016-Promo-233x300In the March 2016 issue of StewardCAST, LCMS Stewardship Ministry discusses stewardship across the various generations within our society today. For the first time in human history, five generations are living and active at the same time: Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials and Generation Z.

The stewardship challenge which is before the Church is to find a way to faithfully use the blessings of these five generations in service to the Gospel. The answer is encouraging each generation to not focus on flaws in other generations but to celebrate that each group is an integral part of the Body of Christ in any given place.

Generational stewardship is about much more than having enough money to keep the church open to these generations. It is about the stewardship of the Gospel to the generations that follow.

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