The Free to be Faithful® Newsletter highlights important and relevant detail on religious liberty issues that impact the rights of Christians. Information from this newsletter can be reproduced for your congregation’s use.

Topics include:

  • U.S. Army dropped its investigation against Southern Baptist chaplain Jerry Scott Squires. Chaplain Squires was charged with discrimination against a lesbian soldier who wanted to attend a marriage retreat. The Army said Squires handled the situation in accordance with military policy and guidelines of his denominational authority.
  • Two decisions made in summer 2018 by the Supreme Court of Canada against a Christian university’s bid to operate a law school, as law societies claimed that the school’s requirement of students to sign a “Community Covenant” upholding traditional marriage was discriminatory.
  • A follow-up on baker Jack Phillips, a Christian and owner of Masterpiece Cakeshop, who won a Supreme Court case 7–2 in June 2018 guaranteeing his right to refuse to create a cake for a same-sex wedding. Phillips is suing Colorado after the state filed another complaint against him, this time for refusing to create a cake celebrating a man’s gender transition.
  • Details from a memorandum by the U.S. Department of Justice following a May 2017 executive order regarding religious liberty protections, including a preamble and basic principles.
  • Prayers following Election Day (Nov. 6) and Armistice Day (Nov. 11), an invitation to the 2019 LCMS Life Conference and information on the Lutheran Center for Religious Liberty.

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