Preaching is challenging business. Everyone can use some encouragement and fresh ideas.

Because preaching is of utmost importance, it should be done in the way that communicates best. In our daily oral communication, we don’t read or memorize what we are saying to others. We talk naturally without preparing each individual word. Instead, we “think in thoughts.” Module 3 teaches how to “think in thoughts” in your sermon preparation and preaching, to deliver Christ in Law and Gospel.

Due to the complexity of this issue and its pervasive nature in both sermon preparation and delivery, this module requires more video resources than most modules.

Resources for Module 3:

Module 3: Segment 1 of 6

Module 3: Segment 2 of 6

Module 3: Segment 3 of 6

Module 3: Segment 4 of 6

Module 3: Segment 5 of 6

Module 3: Segment 6 of 6

Preach the Word video series

Preach the Word will help pastors work together to improve their preaching through video modules with accompanying resources and by interacting with seminary professors and fellow preachers.