Rev. Wayne J. Knolhoff.

Module: Adminstration/Leadership

This video course looks at the issue of stewardship in three sessions.
1) Pastor as Chief Steward: Before the pastor can lead in the important area of stewardship, he must see himself as steward and examine his own life of stewardship. The first session helps the pastor do this by examining the biblical metaphor of the pastor as steward as Paul lays it out in 1 Corinthians 4:1-2 and Titus 1:7.

2) The Chief Steward as Leader: Steward Leaders will lead in four relationships – the stewardship of one’s relationship to God; the stewardship of one’s relationship to self; the stewardship of one’s relationship to others; and the stewardship of one’s relationship to God’s creation, especially focusing on possessions.

3) The Chief Steward as Teacher: This deals with preaching and teaching about what it means to be a godly steward. This session also gets into the practical aspects of what the pastor teaches including the key elements of an intentional stewardship education process in the congregation.


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Session 1 – Pastor as Chief Steward

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Session 2 – The Chief Steward as Leader

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Session 3 – The Chief Steward as Teacher

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