We are pleased to make the following items available for you and your congregation to use in reaching out to your community this Advent season. The items are designed to allow you to add your invitation and details about your congregation’s Christmas services. You are invited to use these resources to advertise your congregation or simply to generate opportunities for pastoral conversations in your community.

How-To Guide

Start with the How To Guide for descriptions of the resources available and ideas on how to use them.

The Media Kit includes

Newspaper Opinion Editorial (Op-Ed)

Add your pastor’s name and the name of your congregation together with President Harrison’s and submit to your local newspaper.

Newspaper Advertisement

Purchase ad space in your local newspaper the Saturday before Christmas Day and add your church’s worship times, address and contact information. We have provided a graphic that will enhance your newspaper ad.

Social Media Shareable

Shareable content for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is included. Use the caption portion of each social media platform to include an invitation with worship times, church address and contact information. We recommend that you schedule these posts beginning a week before Christmas.

Facebook Advertisement

Pay for a Facebook Single Image Ad. Use the image provided here. It is already formatted to the proper dimensions for this kind of ad. We suggest using the ad to point people to the page on your church website that includes your congregation’s Christmas service schedule. Select “Get More Website Visitors” when creating your ad.

Each ad has 2 areas for copy with very limited character counts

  • Text – 90 characters (located above the image)
  • Headline – 25 characters (below the image)

We suggest the following text for each copy area, but you are free to customize it to your needs and preferences. Just make sure to stay within the character count restrictions.

  • Text – This little child, of lowly birth, shall be the joy of all the earth.
  • Headline – Join us this Christmas.

Post/Note Card

These can be printed two to a page and are easy to print on cardstock using your church’s copier or printer. On the backside, include an invitation with your church’s worship times, address and contact information. Send one to visitors who have attended your church in the past year, and encourage members to send or hand deliver them to community members they know.

Media Kits for congregational use

Additional media kits are available on the media kits main page.