Two resolutions from the 2019 LCMS convention — Res. 11­­­–04A (“To Affirm the Common Humanity of All People and Ethnicities”) and Res. 11–05A (“To Encourage Responsible Citizenship and Compassion Toward Neighbors Who Are Immigrants Among Us”) — are available in both English and Spanish. See both versions below.

Version en Español

Resolucion 11-04A
Afirmar la humanidad comun de todos los pueblos y etnias

Resolucion 11-05A
Fomentar la ciudadania responsable y la compasion hacia los vecinos que son inmigrantes entre nosotros

English version

Resolution 11-04A
To affirm the common humanity of all people and ethnicities

Resolution 11-05A
To encourage responsible citizenship and compassion toward neighbors who are immigrants among us