Making Disciples for Life is something Lutherans can get excited about. Excited, that is, in a subdued, dignified, quiet sort of way.

You may have heard about Making Disciples for Life and are wondering what it’s all about.

Is it another program from the Synod? Does it replace another Synodical program? Is it something passed at the convention that’s going to be forgotten about until the next convention?

If Making Disciples for Life (MDFL) was any of those things, it would hardly something to be excited about.

But MDFL is something different.

The main purpose of MDFL is to provide a way for people to share resources that help our congregations make disciples. That is, to help congregations be more active and effective in bringing the Gospel to lost people and in helping Christians grow in the faith.

There are already many resources for making disciples in the Synod, districts, congregations, and other entities. MDFL aims to make these resources more available through an online resource center that will help you find the resources you are looking for and discover resources that you need but don’t know about.

MDFL is not only providing better access to existing resources. MDFL is providing ways for people across the Synod to identify resources that we need for making disciples, and it is bringing people together for developing those resources.

Regional and district MDFL gatherings provide forums for the exchange of ideas to create greater awareness of existing resources and to foster the collaborative development of resources needed by our congregations and districts.

The LCMS Office of National Mission is also partnering with LCMS congregations to develop and test new and existing resources in “real life” contexts.

These development partnerships will bring subject matter experts and practitioners together to make sure the resources available through MDFL address the challenges of making disciples in today’s context.

In summary, Making Disciples for Life is a concerted effort involving every level of the LCMS to equip God’s people to make disciples. That’s exciting!

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