LCMS-StewardCAST-Newsletter-May-2016-GCF-PromoIn the May 2016 issue of StewardCAST, LCMS Stewardship Ministry highlights how faithful whole-life stewardship goes well beyond envelopes and offering plates, budgets and balance sheets. Stewardship is not just one of the things we do in our life with the Lord; stewardship is our life.

One way to cast a broader net in stewardship is by no longer focusing on the needs of the congregation, and we should remember that the child of God is a steward through creation and redemption. Another broader net cast is to move beyond what is given and focus on the givers of the gift.

Congregations are called to raise up faithful stewards in each generation. This requires new thinking. When more and more individuals in the congregation are caught in the net of thinking that their lives belong to God and not themselves, the ministry will flourish.

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