StewardCAST-July-2016-promo-233x300In the July 2016 issue of StewardCAST, LCMS Stewardship Ministry highlights that stewardship, when it is taught from the position of the Scriptures and Confessions, becomes not about the ask but all about the thank you.

When teaching stewardship, local congregations need to tap into the power of thank you. This strategy allows the Holy Spirit to connect the individual steward to a pattern of thanksgiving with all of their life and life’s resources.

One way to tap into this power of thank you is for congregations to actually say thank you. Congregations should model stewardship that centers on thanksgiving if their pastors and their leaders want to grow in their members stewardship that is focused on God’s mercies.

So as local congregations plan their stewardship programs, it is critical they answer the question: “How are we going to tap into the power of thank you this year?”

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