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There is much to celebrate this month. In a video for the May 2019 Life Together News Digest, President Rev. Dr. Matthew C. Harrison encourages us to thank God for 172 years as The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod, 60 years of blessings through the Director of Christian Education program, 100 years of deaconesses serving the Synod and 125 years of LCMS international mission work.

Not only that, but we also offer our heartfelt, joyous thanks to God for the gift of musicians, teachers, DCEs, pastors, deaconesses and lay leaders.

Praise God, from whom all blessings flow!

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Life Together News Digest — May 2019

Life Together, a monthly email news digest from LCMS President Matthew C. Harrison, features highlights from Synod publications and multimedia outlets. There is something for pastors, church workers and laity.

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