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“The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few …”

God’s kingdom continues to grow, and His people continue to seek nourishment in His Church. What if you got to play a part in planting the seed of discernment into the heart of a future laborer in the Church?

In this month’s Life Together News Digest, President Harrison talks with a fellow pastor in Florida who regularly prays for and encourages young people to serve as church workers.

Listen to his story to learn how you, too, might answer the question:

“Who do you know that might make a great pastor, deaconess, teacher, parish musician or director of Christian education?”

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Life Together News Digest — February 2019

Life Together, a monthly email news digest from LCMS President Matthew C. Harrison, features highlights from Synod publications and multimedia outlets. There is something for pastors, church workers and laity.

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