by Kate Meadows

Module: Transition Topics

Kate Meadows, a second-year pastor’s wife, recently authored a book written to follow the journey of a wife from the beginning days of seminary through the first year in the parish.

“Faith to Follow warmly shares the voices of women who shared seminary life with their
husbands. It speaks to those considering and those on the path toward ministry, as well as those
in new ministry roles…”

Renee Gibbs

The final section of the book offers personal stories and insights into her first year as a pastor’s wife.
It is this section that is being offered specifically for use as a PALS course for pastor’s wives. Videos
and a study guide were developed for use with this final chapter. The book is provided to each PALS
facilitator, and sets are available to order for use with a PALS group study.


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Post-Seminary Applied Learning & Support

Helping pastors and their wives transition from seminary to congregation.