Who’s your best friend? What is your favorite Bible verse? What do you think it means to have courage?

These questions and more, written especially for families to use as conversation starters at mealtimes.

This pack of cards is meant to accompany your family at the breakfast, lunch or dinner table to add some excitement to your normal mealtime conversations and “mix up” the kinds of things your family talks about with one another.

Martin Luther and his family understood well the importance of welcoming others into their home for lively conversation around a shared meal at the table. Some of these conversations were even recorded by hand and compiled into a collection of writings that are now known as Luther’s Table Talk.

LCMS Family Ministry hopes these resources will help your family continue this tradition of good and lively conversation at the dinner table. 

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Download Conversation Cards

Printable cards available in black and white and in color. We recommend printing these single-sided on cardstock.