The LCMS Stewardship Ministry A-Z resource collection includes some items that are important for every pastor and stewardship committee to consider, and it includes items that are tailored to specific settings.

In other words: Not everything in this book is for you; it is not meant to be read cover to cover. The documents are arranged into four sections to help leaders find content applicable to their unique settings.

Theology of Stewardship

This section includes short essays meant for everyone. The essays place stewardship in the context of Lutheran theology and lay the foundation for the rest of the resources. Read these first.

Table of Contents:

Bible Studies, Sermons, and Pastoral Aids

Everything in the church comes back to the Word of God. These resources may be used in your congregation, or you may use them as springboards for creating your own studies. Permission is granted to copy, paste, edit, and duplicate.

Table of Contents:

Nuts and Bolts

This section includes how-to guides, tips, and plans for implementing stewardship programs in your congregation.

Table of Contents:

  • Creating a healthy stewardship culture
  • Stewardship in and through worship
  • Organizing the Congregation for Stewardship
  • Planning Year-Round Stewardship
  • Pillar One: Providing Intentional, Systematic, Year-round, Whole-Life Stewardship Education
  • Pillar Two: Providing an Annual Stewardship Program for Mission and Ministry
  • Pillar Three: Asset Mapping and Personal Money Management
  • Pillar Four: Providing a Lifetime Plan for Giving
  • Pillar Five: Providing an ‘Over and Above’ Opportunity for Expanding Mission and Ministry
  • Principles of Congregational Budgeting

Practical Wisdom

This section offers interesting articles about demographics, personal money management, and other topics that provide insight into teaching stewardship.

Table of Contents:

  • The Accountable Steward
  • Personal Money Management
  • Stewardship for Children
  • Stewardship for Youth
  • Stewardship for Adults
  • Stewardship for Retirees
  • Teaching the Stewardship of Time in the Lutheran Congregation