The Rev. John Suguitan, pastor of Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in Cincinnati, and the Rev. Steve Schave, LCMS director of Urban & Inner-City Mission, spent a night among inner-city homeless people in Cincinnati.

In “My Night of Living Homeless,” the Rev. Steve Schave narrates his firsthand experience of living among a group of inner-city homeless people in the Over-the-Rhine neighborhood in Cincinnati.

Schave, the LCMS director of Urban & Inner-City Mission, was joined by the Rev. John Suguitan of Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in Cincinnati.

“Pastor and I have spent most of our ministry working with people in extreme poverty,” Schave wrote. “We wanted a bird’s eye view and now, for the first time, we are completely overwhelmed by knowing the cross of those we serve and the love and appreciation they have for those who care for them.

“I am in complete awe that in some minuscule way we may have helped to carry the cross for those most marginalized through our ministries and have been a guardian for the most vulnerable and weak.”

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Reflections on living homeless

During a poignant interview on the Issues, Etc. radio program, the Rev. Steve Schave reflects on his experience of being immersed with the homeless.