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In His great love and mercy, God cares for His people through the men and women serving in church work vocations.

The LCMS thanks God for the 14,647 faithful church workers who serve in congregations and schools across our Synod.

Here are some suggestions for ways to show your gratitude and support for your pastors, teachers, church musicians, deaconesses and other church workers:

Mail a thank-you note

Download and print one of these cards or postcards, color it, and write a note to your pastor or church worker. Address it to them and mail it to your church’s address.

Record a video message

Record a short video of you or your family singing a hymn, reading a psalm, or sharing words of encouragement and thanks. Send it to your church worker, and share it on social media to show your support publicly!

Show support on social media

Visit the LCMS Facebook Page to access social-media shareables and profile picture frames with messages of support for church workers.


Your church workers need prayer. Pray for these workers and let them know you are doing so.

Use the hashtag #LCMSThankYous when sharing your thank you notes, video messages, etc., on social media.

Also please pray to the Lord of the harvest for those future church workers whom God will raise up to fill these sacred and joyful roles in His Kingdom. Whether as a pastor, director of Christian Education (DCE), deaconess, music director or educator, each and every church worker vocation helps proclaim the Good News! View this video to learn more about these vocations.

Learn more about these vocations