Use these memory cards as you help your children learn Scripture and Luther’s Small Catechism

Most of these cards contain questions with answers taken verbatim from Scripture and the catechism. You will also find “discussion cards” in the mix, marked with a star. These are meant to launch further discussion. We hope this resource will bless you and your family as you learn and grow together!

For your convenience, these memory cards have been offered in multiple formats: 

PDF Format

Printable flashcards in black and white and in color — Print these off double-sided, flipping on the long edge. We recommend printing on cardstock, and hole-punching these and keeping them on a key ring.

Microsoft Word

A Word document with all of the questions and answers, for your use — Design or hand-write your own flashcards, or simply print the document and quiz your children from it. 


Digital flashcards on the Quizlet platform — These can be accessed on a computer or through the Quizlet app on your phone or tablet. 

Home Devotions

The catechesis cards can be used in a variety of settings including home devotions. For more guidance on at-home devotions, watch these videos.