With the conference theme Comfort, Comfort Ye My People, these extraordinary speakers gave four keynote addresses which are now available here.

After the Gospel the Whole Congregations Sings… | Dr. Robin Leaver

Dr. Leaver gives foundational insight into the strong musical heritage of the Lutheran Church, and the big question today is: will we bother to keep this heritage and value it for the priceless treasure it is?

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Preaching and the Conscience | Rev. Bryan Wolfmueller

While all but absent in today’s Church, the Lutheran Confessions insist that the point of preaching is to console terrified consciences. Pastor Wolfmueller instructs us that preaching is to play in informing, healing and comforting consciences in peril.

Addressing the White Elephant in the Room | Paul Soulek, Betsy Werner

Explores assisting in the making of the Church’s song, warning against liturgical forms becoming idols, falling in love with tunes before examining the content of texts, and allowing wars of words that tear down rather than speaking the truth in love.

Liturgy and Conscience | Dr. John Kleinig

Dr. John Kleinig leads us on a romp through the liturgy and seeing how it is from start to finish intended to bestow the gift of a good conscience upon us through the blood and sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. Here is comfort indeed!