As the Advent season approaches, LCMS Worship is pleased to make a couple of new resources available to congregations and families.

“True calm is the peace of Jesus Christ,” says the Rev. Sean Daenzer, director of LCMS Worship, in a video introducing these resources. “Christmas and the end of the year will be here before we know it, but don’t ride the wave of chaos to get there. Join the Christian Church for Advent, and find the calming peace of Christ.”

The Advent media kit offers several items that congregations can use to reach out to their communities during Advent, sharing the Good News of the season and inviting them to Christmas worship. In addition to this, midweek service suggestions are offered to help congregations plan their weekly Advent midweek services.

Midweek service suggestions (PDF)


Midweek service suggestions (Word)

A table devotion is also available for families to use during the entire Advent season.

Advent devotions (PDF)


Advent devotions (Word)

Visit the Making Disciples for Life internet resource center to find a host of other Advent devotional materials, and check out Concordia Publishing House’s many Advent resources for church workers, congregations and homes.


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