Hosted by LCMS Rural & Small Town Mission, Rev. Mike Moreno (PMHP/PMSW), mental health and marriage counselor at Christ Lutheran Church in Norfolk, Neb., presented a webinar titled “Leadership Through Conflict” on May 13, 2021.

The past year has highlighted a challenge every church has faced at one time or another: the reality of conflict. Conflict has engulfed our nation — the COVID pandemic, political strife and social upheaval. Satan has used conflict to attack the church since its inception.

How can we withstand these “fiery darts” of the enemy? How can we avoid tearing ourselves apart when different beliefs and values collide?

This webinar reviews how God has taken conflict and used it for His purposes: to enable His people and His church to grow! Conflict no longer has to be avoided and feared. When we start to look at conflict as a tool rather than a threat, we can move forward in confidence as we serve the Lord.

LCMS Rural & Small Town Mission